Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Do you have a few pimples on the day before a big presentation or even your wedding? Try cortisone injections to lessen the inflammation that causes the redness and pain of acne. With a simple cortisone injection, you can stop acne scars from developing.

What Is Cortisone?

Your body is familiar to this hormone and produces it on a daily bases. Cortisone is useful as an injection to reduce inflammation when experiencing cystic acne. That is how cortisone helps acne—when it is injected into a blemish, it effectively and quickly lessens the inflammation that causes the redness and swelling of cysts, nodules, or deep papules. Cortisone injections are most successful when used on patients who have a good skin care regimen.

What Are Cortisone’s Benefits?

Cortisone injections can provide quick and effective acne relief. A few hours after receiving treatment, clients can see drastic improvement in the look of treated pimples. A full day later, the treated pimples are smoothed down and their redness is reduced. Other quick fixes for acne leads to unpleasant side effects, but cortisone improves the look of acne without the short-term problem of excess reddening. Also, the injections are not painful; they just feel like a little prick. Cortisone can prevent pimples from becoming acne scars, which is especially helpful for people who scar easily or tend to have hyperpigmentation.

Is Cortisone Right for Me?

If you want to lessen the look of a pimple in just a few hours, you probably can benefit from cortisone injections. The treatment is perfect for those who have a special occasion and need to quickly eliminate a pimple. It is also great for anyone who wants to stop acne scars from developing.

Before your cortisone injection, you will need to make a consultation appointment at Glow Aesthetic Center with one of our clinicians. Dr. Siman or his physician assistant will conduct an examination and determine if cortisone injections are right for your acne. Once Dr. Siman approves the treatment, it can be performed right away.