Laser Facial

What Is a Laser Facial?

At Glow Aesthetic Center, we offer a laser facial treatment, using our Quanta 4v Nd:YAG laser to treat blemishes like scars, wrinkles, and age spots. Our laser facial is a non-invasive treatment that uses a high-tech process to augment your skin’s production of collagen. When skin loses collagen as part of the aging process, it also loses volume and softness. As volume decreases, lines and wrinkles deepen. Without treatment, deep hollows and wrinkles develop.

What Are the Benefits of a Laser Facial?

The Glow Aesthetic Center laser facial turns back the hands of time by signaling your skin to produce more collagen, which stops fine lines from forming. During the procedure, you will not experience pain. Instead, you’ll feel warmth on the targeted area. That heat on your skin’s surface moves into the deeper layers of skin, triggering collagen production. The laser’s heat also lessens redness due to dilated capillaries.

Laser facials don’t just bring a youthful look back to aging skin. It can also treat acne scars, enlarged pores, rosacea, and sun spots, among other blemishes. During a laser facial, you will feel these blemishes fade away in the laser’s soft warmth.

Glow Aesthetic Center’s laser facial treatment gives you young, glowing skin that looks completely natural. Our clients have told us they love that the subtle treatment fades away blemishes instead of erasing them in a way that is more evident to others. For a safe, established treatment that stimulates your skin’s natural collagen production, helping it restore lost volume on its own, the Glow Aesthetic Center laser facial is the best choice.


After Your Treatment:

Keep the treated area moisturized with Aquaphor® or Vaseline® 3 times per day for a minimum of 2 days in order to lessen irritation

For a minimum of 3 days, do not bathe in hot water, either in a bathtub or hot tub. Instead, take cool or tepid showers. Do not scrub the treated skin. Pat the treated skin dry; do not rub with your towel

Do not swim in any body of water, including a swimming pool, for a minimum of 3 days

Stay out of the sun and avoid tanning beds. If you must go outside, apply a sunblock with SPF 50 or above

For a minimum of 1 week following treatment, avoid products that may irritate the treatment area, including: toner, astringent, retinols or retinoids, medicated body or face wash, harsh soap, peel, scrub, or other exfoliating agent and do not scrub or rub the treated area

Treating Symptoms:

Discomfort or pain

Ice packs, with a thin cloth such as a dishtowel between the pack and your skin, can help reduce any swelling, redness, or minor burns. Use them for periods of 3 to 5 minutes for 1 to 2 hours. In addition, apply 1% hydrocortisone and Aquaphor® or Vaseline® to the treated area a maximum of 3 times daily until symptoms subside.

For itching or swelling

Take oral liquid Benadryl®, Allegra®, or Claritin®, which are all available without a prescription, as needed for up to a week. These can also be taken before your next treatment, and you may apply Aquaphor® or Vaseline® then also.

For microcrusting

You may see microcrusting of the treated area. If so, do not scrub or rub the skin. Instead, apply Aquaphor® or Vaseline® and call us for more information

Before Your Next Treatment:

Stay out of the sun! Avoid tanning beds and even casual sunshine. Also avoid spray tanning and self-tanning products. Apply sunscreen to the treatment area. There is a greater chance of adverse side effects for tan skin. You may have to reschedule the treatment

Do not use any topical medicated products, whether over-the-counter or prescribed, for a minimum of 3 days before treatment(please consult with your physician)

Remove all sunscreen and makeup from the treatment area before your appointment. You can reapply following treatment

For those with oral herpes, a.k.a. cold sores, you must begin an antiviral medication 24 to 48 hours prior to your appointment in order to stop an outbreak from occurring after your treatment. You will need to take the medication for 3 to 5 days following treatment

You are responsible for telling us if you are taking antibiotics or any other medications that can cause photosensitivity. Your appointment might need to be rescheduled if this is the case

Several treatments, often 3 to 8 weeks apart, are required for the reduction process, but you might need to come in sooner to allow the clinician to assess the treated area. In order to keep up with your hair’s normal growth cycle, ensure that you keep your follow-up appointments because this will greatly improve your results

Rarely, infections have occurred following laser hair removal. If you see any infection symptoms like pus, drainage, extreme redness, blisters, swelling, fever, stinky discharge, or pain in the treatment area, call us.

If you have any questions or concerns, call us.


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