Anti Aging Drip NAD+


Would you like to know about a chemical that can turn back the clock by protecting DNA;
energize the body; improve athletic performance; restore the mind’s clarity; lift depression,
anxiety, and PTSD; deal with acute and chronic stress better; and get rid of alcohol and drug
cravings in the addicted? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. This chemical is
called NAD+ and it’s naturally occurring in all human cells.
Intravenous (IV) infusions of NAD+ are being used in many US clinics to aid the addicted as
they withdraw from drugs or alcohol. Using NAD+, the addicted are able to get clean in 1 to 2
weeks with minimal symptoms. In fact, some people’s cravings disappear after a full treatment.
NAD+ is given in IV infusions directly into the bloodstream. The nicotinamide adenosine
dinucleotide, or NAD, molecule switches between two forms. NAD+ is its reduced, active form,
while NADH is its oxidized, inactive form. If your cells don’t have enough NAD+ and too much
NADH, the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, begins to have problems. This is what can
lead to chronic illnesses such as autoimmune disorders and diabetes. Replacing the lost NAD+
gives mitochondria the energy they need to heal.

NAD+ differs from ordinary treatments because it is:

synthesized from a chemical that is so natural that it is found in the body already, which
is a major difference from prescription drugs that may harm your brain and body over
restorative; NAD+ aids your cells in healing and the creation of new cells
protective; NAD+ has been demonstrated to be neuroprotective.

How Does NAD+ Affect Athletic Endurance?

When you exercise, muscles lose adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the nucleotide that
stores and transports energy in cells. A 2010 study showed that intense exercise reduces
NAD+. Participants took a supplement with pycnogenol, which invigorates NAD+ production and
stops it from becoming NADH, and when their NAD+ levels rose, their athletic performance and
time to fatigue improved.

How Does NAD+ Slow Aging?

Sirtuins are a group of enzymes that influence how the body ages. SIRT1 and SIRT3 are
especially influential. SIRT enzymes seem to turn off the genes that promote aging, including
genes that cause the growth and storage of fat, inflammation, and problems with managing
blood sugar. In 2016, an article in the scientific journal R​
ejuvenation explained how NAD+ helps
​create and activate sirtuins, that depleted NAD+ levels is directly connected to aging of cells,
and that increasing NAD+ levels prevents this process.

How Can NAD+ Reverse Neurodegenerative Diseases and Chronic Illnesses?

When your mitochondria aren’t working right, when they don’t make enough energy for the cells,
your health will take a beating. NAD+, energy production, and chronic ailments are connected.
When the body’s NAD+ levels are depleted, ATP levels will also go down. Low ATP levels
crashes the energy reserves in your cells and can even cause cell death. How can this process
appear in the body? If your nerve cells are affected, your cell’s depleted energy may show itself
as fatigue, depression, problems with mental focus, and anxiety. If it’s heart cells, it can become
cardiovascular disease, and so on.
When your mitochondria do not have enough energy, you become ill. IV infusions of NAD+
along with IV amino acids helps energy production and can stop permanent damage from
forming. In 2014, a study was done on rats that showed that when their nerve cells were treated
with NAD+ before oxygen deprivation, they survived and recovered much faster than cells that
were not pretreated. In 2015, a literature review concluded that NAD+ was a worthwhile new
avenue for treating neurodegenerative diseases.

Diseases and disorders which NAD+ infusion therapy can help:

Chronic Fatigue
Parkinson’s disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Alzheimer’s disease
Mitochondrial dysfunction

How Can NAD+ Reduce Pain?

A 2014 study found that IV NAD+ therapy may help lessen pain and boost healing. Researchers
learned that an IV NAD+ treatment lessened pain up to 2 days after the last treatment. Raising
NAD+ levels promotes healing in the body.

 What Is NAD+’s Role in Addiction?

IV NAD+ can lessen or even get rid of the cravings connected to alcohol, opiate, and other drug
withdrawals. Until now, the only options were prescription drugs like methadone, naltrexone, or
suboxone, but these all have unpleasant side effects, while NAD+ does not. Patients being
treated with NAD+ have reported that they are totally free of their addiction withdrawals within 1
to 2 weeks with few symptoms of withdrawal.
How does NAD+ perform such a miracle? To learn about how NAD+ helps addicts, let’s
consider its connection to alcohol metabolism. After you drink alcohol, your liver goes to work to
eliminate every last molecule of it by converting ethyl alcohol to acetaldehyde. NAD+ is part of
this process. Alcohol hands over a hydrogen molecule to NAD+, making it NADH, which is the
inactive form that then begins to collect in your body. The more often you drink, the more the
unbalanced your NAD+ and NADH become, leading to some big problems.
In 2012, a literature review determined that this imbalance of NAD+ and NADH incapacitates
the mitochondria in your liver’s cells from creating energy ATP, which kills liver cells. That in turn
causes your body to have more trouble eliminating alcohol from your system. It is this vicious
circle that causes chemical dependency.
The addiction clinics in the US which have used IV NAD+ therapy paired with IV amino acid
therapy have found how well it works. In these clinics, doctors administer these two IV therapies
daily for 10 to 14 days to cut way back on withdrawal symptoms.
IV NAD+ therapy doesn’t just work on alcohol dependency. Brain Restoration (BR+) is a therapy
that combines NAD+ with suboxone and/or naltrexone to help people transition more smoothly
out of drug use without the often intense withdrawal symptoms they would have if doing it “cold
turkey.” Patients have often said they have lost the psychological craving for the drug they had
been abusing after undergoing NAD+ and amino acid therapy.

How Does NAD+ Power Your Brain?

Nootropics, otherwise known as cognitive enhancers, are quickly becoming popular. These are
often drugs, but can be natural supplements as well. There’s no better nootropic than NAD+ IV
therapy because it aids in your neurons’ function; guards cells from damage and death; and
boosts mitochondrial biogenesis.
A healthy brain that is working to its optimum allows better decision making, as well as greater
productivity and achievement. During the aging process, cognitive abilities fade, leaving our
memory foggier and slower. This is neurodegeneration, when the brain’s neurons lose either
structure or functionality, or both. Sirtuins are neuroprotective, recent research on mice shows;
in the hippocampus, SIRT1 was shown to be connected to improved memory and learning.
SIRT1 can also protect the brain from amyloid proteins that cause Alzheimer’s disease and
other neurodegenerative illnesses. In order to function, SIRT1 requires NAD+.
People who undergo NAD+ IV therapy report these brain benefits:
Amplified concentration
Improved memory
Gain in mental clarity
Better mood