Radiesse is among the most popular dermal fillers. Formulated of microspheres of a calcium
hydroxylapatite gel suspension, it is injected beneath the skin to fill wrinkles and lost volume. It
is most often used to smooth moderate to severe folds and wrinkles in the face, like nasolabial
folds which form parentheses around the mouth. Another use is to replenish volume on the
backs of hands. This fast, easy, safe, and very effective treatment allows you to create a
younger face without surgery.


How Does It Work?

Calcium hydroxylapatite is a normal material in human bone, making it easier for the body to
accept. The filler is like a scaffold, allowing your own new collagen to grows around its
microspheres. Your new natural collagen remains even after the filler is absorbed by your body,
making this a long-lasting option for filling lines, wrinkles, and lost volume.

What Is Radiesse Most Often Used to Treat?

● Nasolabial folds: these deep wrinkles connect the corners of the nose to the corners of
the mouth
● Chin lines: these are horizontal wrinkles that form on the chin
● Marionette creases: lines which cross vertically from the lips down to the jawline
● Mouth corners: these areas can sag as we age. This treatment gives you that pert mouth
● Cheek and chin augmentation: with age, the cheeks and chin may begin to appear
sunken. This treatment adds volume to regain that youthful look
● Nose reforming: it can repair bumps and dimpled skin, as well as flattened nasal bridges
● Wrinkled hands: the skin on your hands thins with age, causing wrinkles and crepey skin
and allowing veins, bones, and tendons to show through. This treatment brings back
your hands’ young skin


What Are the Benefits of Radiesse?

● Instant results
● Results that last at least a year
● Free of incisions and stitches
● No downtime
● Helps you look younger again
Why Should I Choose This Treatment?
Glow Aesthetic Center’s patients in Encino love it because it works right away by filling in lost volume.
Besides that, it is clinically proven to last at least a year. It’s safe, effective and requires no surgery. Another great benefit is that the FDA has approved mixing this filler with lidocaine,
which is a local anesthetic that will lessen any pain from the injections.


Why Is Glow Aesthetic Center the Right Choice?

Glow Aesthetic Center is proud to employ the most experienced and talented physicians in the industry.
We also use the highest quality products and devices. Taken together, these facts lead to the
obvious conclusion that Glow Aesthetic Center has seen the best results with Radiesse and all our other
treatments. Our duty is to ensure that clients walk out the door happy with their results, and our
goal is to provide the best service to each of our clients.

If you live in Encino, Tarzana, Woodland hills, Sherman oaks or any other part of San Fernando valley and the surrounding areas of Los Angeles and want to find out if Radiesse is right for you, please call Glow Aesthetic Center at (818) 905-8815

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